168 seeds

cropped-final_clear_path_logo_sept_2014-e14168700681691.jpgDid you know that there are 168 hours in a week?  We have all, no doubt, felt the rush of time, the lack of time, the squeeze of time, but have you ever stopped to calculate how much time you actually have per week?  Personally, I had not.  It was revealed to me by my own life coach, in a group coaching session in which we were all lamenting a perceived lack of time.  This wise man asked us to calculate the number of hours we had between our coaching sessions, which occur once a week.  Suddenly something that was so abstract, got very clear and linear; we have exactly 168 hours, or seeds as my coach called them, to play with.  I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the very number.  I felt like it was something I could work with.  Granted, we do need a certain amount of sleep, and if we use the standard 8 hours per night, we could say that uses up around 56 seeds/week.  That still leaves roughly 112 hours of awake time!

This new bit of concrete knowledge is much like knowing the real amount in, say, my bank account!  It would be silly if I had no idea how much money I had, so why did I not see how silly it was  not knowing how much time I had to work with each week?  It is freeing when we are honest with numbers, particularly numbers that are constant!  I have 168 seeds each week, and I have choices.

Here is a fun exercise, if you are up for it.  Take one of your seeds (hours) today, and tell yourself that you have a “choice” as to how you spend it.  What does that feel like?  Did you choose to do more work, or did you choose something closer to play?  Did you spend it alone, or with another? And, did you feel empowered by it?

Sometimes, most times in fact, we just need to simplify and get back to the basics in order to move more freely in our lives.  By just breaking things into their most general pieces,( in this case it was taking a day and segmenting it into hours) to find that we actually have more choice and freedom than initially perceived.

*If you do this exercise, I would love to hear how you spent your hour, and what noticing you had. Cheers to choice!cropped-img_0218-e1431116777919.jpg


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