How do you define success?



I think we would all agree that each of us shares the desire to live a “successful” life.  My Webster’s dictionary defines success as:


  1. favorable result
  2. gaining of wealth, fame etc
  3. a successful person or thing.  

So, how do you define success in your own life?  What, in your estimation, brings you “favorable results”?  How have you already experienced success in your life, and how would you like to experience it in regards to your future?

I believe it is a rewarding practice to celebrate where we have already been in life, as a way to more clearly define where we would like to go.  Particularly when we feel “stuck” or “defeated”, we need uplifting reminders of  previous successful results, in order to propel us forward with new feats in mind, goals and inspirations.  Our successes come in all sizes and shapes, and when we get in the habit of high fiving ourselves for even the smallest favorable results, we set ourselves up for more monumental endeavors.  So, although we each paint a unique expression of the meaning of success, we could all agree that repeated feelings of success builds a sense of confidence.


So what have you done today, big or small, that you could call a success?  Did you get up when your alarm went off, even though it was dark,cold and snowy outside?  Did you make your child a lunch for school?  Did you remember to brush your teeth before heading out the door?  You may laugh at these questions, but, if you experienced favorable results in doing them, then you can say that you had several successes before leaving the house this morning!  Does that frame your day differently?  Can you see that in looking at our actions in this way, you have already set yourself  up for major success today? And if so, imagine the success you will feel at the end of the month!  Remember, each action you take and  choice you make, are steps toward the bigger goals and dreams that propel you forward, and out of your comfort zone!  You are already living a “life of success”, so go ahead and celebrate it as it is happening, and watch your momentum and confidence grow!


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