Detox your inbox

About a month ago, I had a rude surprise, when my email address was hacked.  I dutifully took all of the steps to close the account and then went on to change every single password attached to anything online!  It was a job for sure, but not one that I wanted to take any short cuts on. I set up a new email account  and contacted everyone that needed to know of the changes (amazing how we are now all tied by email, from the secretary at my kids school, to potential business links, to my old high school friend now living in England). I had also just ordered 150 business flyers from Vista Print with that email address on it!  When I contacted Vista Print to see if by chance I had caught the order before it had printed with the wrong email address, they politely informed me that they had already sent the order out, but would gladly reprint it free of cost with the new email address!  I just had to include that did bit, because it was a true highlight in a day that had been filled with frustration.

The next day when I went to my computer and opened my email account, it was empty, a state that it had not been in for YEARS!  I had nothing to read, nor did I have anything to delete.  You see, I had subscribed to way too many fantastic newsletters, sales alerts, coaching websites, etc, that over time began to take over my inbox.  I used to routinely delete 20 emails each morning prior to a cup of tea.  I had perhaps 100 more that just sat in my inbox, all with compelling subject lines about success, which I never had time (or desire?) to read. Every time I looked at them I felt guilty, like I was missing something! I just did not see how overwhelming it had become until I was faced with a fresh start.  I have not signed up for any of the subscriptions that I used to have.  It now takes me a short time to go through my inbox once or twice a day.  This simplicity is like new found freedom!  But, it did not have to come at the extreme of being hacked, I could have actually taken a realistic look at the toxicity of my inbox, and remedied it myself!  To honor what I have learned, I now make it part of the coaching that I do with clients, teaching them how to “detox the inbox” before it threatens to devour too much time, energy and self-worth!  Just one more way to take back our lives, and live in streamlined simplicity for true success  in every area of life!


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