HEALTH, Master the Game (inspired by MONEY,Master the Game)

Happy New Year!  Have you made any commitments or intentions for 2015?  Does it have anything to do with HEALTH?  Typically, that tops our list, with “losing weight” as the first priority.  And perhaps you have another resolution that has to do with trimming your spending too?  Yes, after the holidays, which are frequently filled with extra calories AND depleted by extra spending, it is no wonder that we may not feel “at the top of our game” come January!

I have spent years in the health industry working with people on wellness goals as well as teaching fitness classes such as yoga and nia.  And all the while, I have been coaching myself too!  Health is an ongoing thing, a daily endeavor filled with choices.  I used to teach in the school system and I did my best to bring nutrition  and physical education to the students.  You see, I feel that health, in all of its facets, is really not taught much in our many years of schooling.  So far, it has been something that people must pursue on their own, if they so desire.  And we all know that there is a lot of wacky information to wade through in pursuit of truth when it comes to fitness, nutrition and overall wellness!  That is where a good health coach can come in handy!

The other area that I feel we are lacking in our traditional education is money and finance. I do remember taking an accounting class in high school, but beyond that, nothing else besides math classes.  So, if your education was similar to mine, your main learning about money and finance came from observing those around you, mainly your family.  In my house, if money was brought up at all, it was because of lack.  Money was never referred to as something that may be FUN to discuss or brainstorm ways to improve our situation!  So, for many years I must admit that I stumbled around quite ignorant about the potential and excitement in regards to money.  Eventually I encountered great people and resources in my studies of personal growth.  Interestingly, many  fears and blocks came up for me around money and finance.   So my self-guided education in money and finance therefore has been slower than my journey into the realm of health.

When I heard about the book that Tony Robbins had written on the subject, I knew immediately that it was a “must read” for me. The book is called, “MONEY, Master the Game”.  Every bit of profit from the book has been donated in advance to the charity known as FEEDING AMERICA.  I ordered it for myself for Christmas, received it Christmas eve, and finished it on New Years day.  It is over 600 pages.  In the past, books on finance often left me feeling behind, and seemed to be written in dry textbook form.  Not this one!  Now, I will go back and highlight the heck out of the book and put the 7 simple steps for success into practice.

I want to share with you a 4 step “winning” strategy that Tony shares.  As I read it myself, I saw how it naturally aligned with “winning” at the game of health as well.  Here goes:

1. DON’T LOSE ($) or, in regards to our health, DON’T LOSE strength, mobility, stability, flexibility, confidence, balance, etc.  Instead, GAIN all of those components of fitness. In other words, if you slack for too long, it takes more TIME to get it back.  And we can never get back TIME.  As a daily practice, look at your HEALTH ASSETS and add to your HEALTH portfolio, bit by bit.  It all counts.

2. RISK A LITTLE ($) TO GET A LOT ($), or for this article, MOVE OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  For example, try a new fitness class or even a new teacher, take your daily walk in a new area, eat a new food, workout shorter/longer/harder/easier.  Just take a step out of what is familiar(risk), and GAIN more confidence in yourself as an adventurous person!

3. ANTICIPATE & DIVERSIFY ($) or, ANTICIPATE temptations, and DIVERSIFY your responses and workouts!  In anticipation for your snack attack, for example, replace bags of chips with cut and ready veggies, or have your workout gear next to your bed for your early morning walk.  To diversify, find a health buddy, get a dog, vary what you do each day, vary your sources of protein, etc.  Don’t set yourself up for boredom.  Plan your health adventure like you were entertaining a toddler!  Keep moving, keep it fresh, keep healthy snacks on hand, and take a nap when necessary!

4. YOU’RE NEVER DONE ($), and same for health, YOUR’E NEVER DONE!  You actually never reach the place of , “I am in such good shape, I will never have to workout again! ” or “I ate great for a month, now I will never have to pay attention to what I put in my mouth!” We just keep learning about ourselves, and about health and wellness, just like we do with money and finance.  If we can view it all more like a game, rather than a chore, it can actually be fun, entertaining, exhilarating while still challenging.  Truth be told, we do not crave stagnation.  As the old saying goes, we either move forward or we die!  Again, view the journey with your health, like a trip with a kid.  Never a dull moment, my friend!  Feed your sense of ALIVENESS!

I would love to hear your thoughts around this and any feedback!  Happy 2015!



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