Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

If you answered “yes”, then I don’t want to add to your sense of overwhelm, but I will just write a short post to suggest a practice that I find SO energizing and clearing!  It is the ancient “art” of decluttering!

Overwhelm is a sense of being buried, crushed and overpowered.  Not a nice feeling, and even as I typed the words, I felt a crushing feeling around my chest, and a shortness of breath!  Obviously it is a  worthwhile endeavor  to step out of this feeling of overwhelm and into something much more empowering. The practice that I will suggest is simple, but freeing!  Basically the art of decluttering involves the act of removing things from your environment, your schedule, your diet or your mind.  I find that the easiest of the four is the material removal of a an item or two (or more if you are in the groove!).  So, you could pick a shelf, a drawer, or a closet, and just look for an item that has not been used in the past 12 months.  Think of it like a treasure hunt!  And then when you find such an item, remove it immediately for a feeling of success and lightness!  You may continue to “treasure hunt” for more items if you have the enthusiasm or drive.  The catch is, once you find an item, you must then be prepared to “give” it away to either the garbage, the thrift store or to someone  that would appreciate/use it.

The simple act of clearing a bit of space, has deep repercussions and when done on a lager scale, leads to true transformation.  The feeling of overwhelm will soon be replaced with the amazing sense of personal power and freedom.  To your Clear Path~


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