What is a life coach anyway?

Great question, and I am glad that you asked!  A life coach is basically a person that will help you clarify your goals/dreams and support you in designing a plan to reach it.  You see, we all have aspirations, but what is often  lacking is1) the plan and 2)following through.  So, to fill this disconnect, a coach can enter your life and if you are ready and willing, the two of you can set the structure and form for the success of your desired outcomes!


This sounds amazing, and it is for sure, if and only if, you and your coach are a good match.  Most coaches will offer a complimentary discovery session  in which you are able to talk freely about your goals.  The coach would then tell you how they could further shape your personalized plan.  Some coaches have a niche area of expertise, like relationship coaching, or financial coaching, and others have a more broad base like success coaching.  As a client feel free to interview your potential coaches and choose wisely.  You can even ask for references and client reviews.


Once you hire a coach, be prepared to have homework each week!  You definitely want to get the most out of your sessions and your coach will likely partner with you in designing weekly action steps.  Use the coach for the excellent accountability that they provide.  Often coaches check in with clients by email in between the phone sessions.  Be honest about your progress, no extra points are given for fake successes!  Coaching is a personal journey and competition is not the aim.  This is the journey of the client, and it is all about connecting to the power and the answers that have always been within you.


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