Come “In” from the cold

The weather is changing and the days appear shorter.  I feel that it is time to come “in”.  Drawing inward during the winter season is natural, and perhaps even necessary.  Introspection and incubation, just two more words that begin with “in”. And so it is. My questions to you; do you come “in” willingly?  Do you feel ready, prepared for this bit of hibernation? And what nourishes you during this period?


Learning to find flow with the cycles of the seasons brings harmony. I inherently prefer springtime, when I can be outside gardening and playing.  But I am beginning to embrace this opposing season.  I tend to be more extroverted, and winter reminds me to balance with time spent “within”.  So, to answer the above question for myself, I do not come “in: willingly!  I buck and rebel like a child being forced to leave the playground by a parent!  But eventually, when the temperatures drop enough and the snow starts to fall, I surrender.  And once I do, I am amazed at how lovely it is to BE in this season!  I find great nourishment in reading and studying, writing and cooking.  I tend to be very basic in the kitchen, but once I settle into winter, I am inspired in the kitchen!  I also have patience for board games and card games, which is not the case when the weather is warmer!  Flannel sheets are a winter treat as well, and the weight of an extra blanket as I sleep.  As I begin to “flow” with this season,I feel more gratitude for the opportunities it provides.


So, how about you?  What do you find most wonderful about the winter season?  What do you learn about yourself as you draw inward?  After all, that is our biggest journey, to know ourselves~


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