Time Change

Here in my corner of the world, we just adjusted our clocks to allow for the dwindling light and brighten our mornings a little faster; daylight savings time.  We say to one another, “We got an extra hour!”  and get excited about what we can do with that added morsel of time.  Yet, as we know, but often fail to practice, all we truly have is the NOW.

I just got a newly published book in the mail, by the author, Brendon Burchard, entitled “The Motivation Manifesto”.  This unadorned little black book is a quick read, and I can tell, a continuous read, meaning that I will most likely read it off and on, over and over for the next year.  The book suggests 9 declarations to fuel our Life’s purpose and motivation.  The final chapter is called, “Slow Time”.

My take away from this chapter ties in with this curious phenomenon of “time change” and moving the hands of our  clocks, digital mostly now, back one hour (this time of year anyway).  Burchard repeats the phrase, We are not suppose to miss this moment, at well placed and spaced intervals.  He concludes that by including more of our senses and “absorbing more details, we can slow time.”  A parting exercise suggested is called 2 beats longer.  If you are genuinely interested in expanding time, give your attention to what is at hand for just 2 beats longer than you normally would, sensing, tasting, gazing, listening, feeling, breathing.  Just two beats longer……..




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